The World of Adoption

This is the world of adoption. Right here. A small writers’ retreat on a lake in Minnesota.

There are five participants, not counting our retreat facilitator. Around the fire next to the lake over our first glass of wine, we discovered that our group includes a birthmother, an adoptee, an adoptive parent, and a grandmother of a newly adopted infant. Four out of five of us living in the world of adoption. What are the odds?

Ten years ago I would have probably alienated myself from everyone but other birthmothers. And years before that, I would have been too secretive to tell anyone my story. It’s not that I feel any differently now about adoption in general. It’s not that I feel any less pain about my own experience. I guess what’s different is that I’m more able to listen to the experiences of others and take in their feelings. I’m hoping I’ll leave with friends.

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