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Targeted Ads

Dear Facebook,

Your targeted ads are repugnant.

I will not be relinquishing any more children.


Targeted ads on your Facebook page may be letting you know that the fall boots at Zappos have arrived, or that the GOP is cutting funding for NPR. But Facebook has placed an ad on my sidebar from an attractive 30-something  couple who want to adopt. It’s one thing to have a cushy little inner tube of middle-aged weight and be constantly barraged by “the three foods that kill belly fat.” But it’s quite another to be a birthmother and find prospective adoptive parents creeping on you in your side-bar.

Get a clue Facebook

 I’m now past childbearing age, Facebook. While you may know that I have relinquished a child, Mother Nature has now insured that I cannot make the same mistake twice. You know my birthday, Facebook, but I guess you don’t know much about biology. You also don’t know much about me. Your targeted ads are missing their target.

And Facebook? Just to be clear, I think it would be a bad idea to advertise coffins to people who’ve recently lost a loved one.

photo credit: adweek.com