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The Pregnancy Resources List

“Mother Berthe Holding Her Baby by Mary Cassat

I’ve been working on the California Pregnancy Resources List at the behest of Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy who is a major force in the world of birthmothers. Click on that link and scroll down to her map. She’s got a nifty template where, with a bit of Googling, all of the resources can be plugged in for a particular state. But she needs our help.

Imagine you are pregnant. And you are desperate. You want to keep your baby and somehow be the best mother you can be. But you lack of money and/or support. And you don’t know where to start. Claudia is envisioning an online Crisis Center for Pregnancy Options that will lead to pages of resources other than to links that promote adoption.

For example, Claudia’s resources list for New York state is full of information. It looks like this.

This state-by-state resource list is super important. If you Google “pregnancy help,” you’ll see why. The results page has three top links. All are paid adoption ads. Let’s change that. Please check Claudia’s map and pick one of those white states that hasn’t been spoken for. If you’re a birthmother, you could perhaps choose the state where you relinquished your baby. You could help create a comprehensive list of resources for women and girls who need it. Just like you needed it. Only there was no list for you. So, let’s work together on creating this list!