Milestone Birthday

They were both keen on the vanilla ice cream/mango sorbet cake
with a gingersnap/coconut/almond crust.
It makes a great milestone birthday cake.

What is a milestone birthday if you have a relinquished child you’re reunited with? I think it’s the year where the scales tip in favor of the birthdays spent together as opposed to those spent apart. I think it’s every birthday you celebrate post-reunion.

This month my son celebrates his 43rd birthday. The scales have now most definitely tipped in the direction of knowing him for more years than not knowing him. We’ve already celebrated since he and his family are here for a visit.

20 birthdays uncelebrated

My son and I met just a few days before his 21st birthday. Two decades of birthdays went uncelebrated. They were cause for mourning, not celebration. Where is he? Is he healthy? Is he happy? Is he alive?

A double celebration

We made it a double celebration since my younger daughter just had her birthday 10 days ago and my birthday dinner for her was derailed my a short hospital stay for my mom.

M does not remember a time before her brother was part of her life since she was only two when they met. When I told her and her sister that they had a big brother, they both looked at me as if I’d just presented them with a pony. The age gap seemed huge between them then. Now that they’re both adults, it seems so much less.

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