Haitian Orphans


Orphans. I’m not a weeper, but the Rachel Madow show was more than I could take tonight. Haitian orphans on a plane headed to the U.S. Adoptive families probably in their futures.
I hope they will find love.
I hope there’s no one left behind in Haiti longing for them, looking for them.
If I were just a little bit younger, maybe I would try to adopt a Hatian orphan.

3 thoughts on “Haitian Orphans

  1. Anonymous

    Most “orphans” have at least one living parent.

    So, there are probably many parents crying their eyes out for their children who were airlifted to the United States and elsewhere for “a better life”.

  2. Anonymous

    Agh! NO!!! Are you kidding?!?
    It is an insanity to scoop these kids up with NO real evidence that they ARE orphans. As you said, how to know that they do not have people longing AND looking for them? There is so much chaos going on right now there is no way to determine that. It’s an outrage, and playing on the emotions of people, without any thought to long-term consequences.

    Savior mentality of people in this country, especially wannabe adoptive parents, is so F-ed up.


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