What People Say About Girls

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What would people say about this girl?

Monday breakfast at the marina

There are many opportunities to hear what people say about girls.

On Mondays, I often take myself out to breakfast with my computer and a couple of New Yorkers. I go to an outdoor cafe in a nearby marina–a low-key kind of place. Locals mostly since the place is not pretty enough to attract many tourists. I order the same thing every time–the vegetarian omelet, no toast, just some extra salsa with the potatoes. I’m boring that way.


It’s quiet there. People reading while they eat. Or just staring out at the water. I read or get caught up on my email. Sometimes I eavesdrop. Sometimes I try to tune people out– like today. The woman in the pink polo shirt was telling a long involved story about a flat tire on a rental car. She went on and on and on, not letting the couple she was telling the story to get a word in. I tuned her out. Lost the thread. And then I heard her say this: “She was a live wire, that girl. You know, the type that will either be pregnant at 16 or will really accomplish something.”

Wait. What?

Excuse me. Do you really believe those two things are mutually exclusive?

How about….


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