Universal Healthcare and Adoption

Universal healthcare is a good thing. Capitalism is scary. Greed is scary.
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Universal healthcare is a good thing.  But, we think things like health care are a zero-sum game. Oh, no! These poor people can’t have health care! It’ll raise my rates.

I spent a month in France recently and had a few discussions with French acquaintances about the healthcare debate currently raging in the U.S. Why don’t Americans want healthcare? This was the question everyone asked me. Honestly, the whole discussion blows their minds.

It got me thinking.

What if a woman who was considering relinquishing a child for adoption could rest assured that her child would have universal healthcare? Cradle to the grave health coverage. It seems that in this day and age when shame and sin play a lesser role in the decision making process of many birthmothers, it might be healthcare–or the prospect of raising a child without it–that pushes one toward adoption.
And if we had universal healthcare, covering a birthmom’s maternity expenses could no longer be part of the currency of adoption.
And let’s go a step further into the world of socialist governments. Education would be free–including the university. There’s goes the argument for giving up your child to provide him or her better opportunities.
A playing field that level could change a lot of things. 

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