Two Articles to Read

I have a piece in the November issue of the American Adoption Congress publication, The Beacon. It’s an interview with a 19-year-old adoptee.  Gabrielle’s Story is quite different from the way my son and I experienced adoption in 1970.

There’s another story I highly recommend. It’s written by a young woman I’ve know since she was a baby. Pema Levy is now an assistant editor at The American Prospect. Her most recent piece, Moment of Conception, conjures a future that neither adoptees like Gabrielle nor birth mothers like me like to contemplate.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month, and it is not a celebratory time for most birth mothers. We’re very aware of adoption, and our stories are often bound up with an un-ending grief.  Imagine a future time when all abortion is outlawed, the ranks  of birth mothers increase ten-fold, and clouds of sadness and shame once again hang over our land. In that future and terrible time, it’s likely that any openness that has pried its way into the world of adoption will also disappear. In that world Gabrielle will not get her wish.

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  1. Robyn

    Hi Denise,
    I noticed the link to you at the bottom of Gabrielle’s
    story isn’t correct.
    I read both of your blog’s and think your writing is beautiful.


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