Teen Birth Rates and Demand for Babies

State Teen Birthrate Dropped to Lowest Level in 20 Years my Los Angeles Times proclaimed earlier this week. Time Magazine ran a similar article a couple of months ago reflecting the same trend nationwide. My heart always takes a little leap when I spot headlines like these. Oh good! some lame portion of my brain concludes. My son and I rode the peak of the adoption wave when he was born and relinquished the summer of 1970. When I read about the decline in teen birthrates I interpret this to mean that there are fewer girls cowering in foster homes hidden in the Iowa countryside, dreading the day of their child’s birth. And while this is most likely true, the demand for babies is still high. The faces and the places have changed, but there are still plenty of  birthmothers walking around with empty arms.

photo credit: gail’sangle.net

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