Sealed Adoption Records

I’ve been thinking about social progress vs. political progress.

I saw the movie Milk the other night. A lot has changed for gays since the 70s. Nowadays, many gays & lesbians carry on with their lives without keeping secrets about their sexual orientation. There’s a fair amount of social acceptance for them. But legislated equal rights is another story.  

There are no overt social prejudices against adoptees. Yet most states have yet to pass legislation that will grant adoptees access to their birth records. The fact that those records remain sealed and off limits to adult adoptees is a political wrong.

2 thoughts on “Sealed Adoption Records

  1. Ex-in-the-City

    Being a birthmother, I haven’t thought as much about shame as it pertains to adoptees. But It makes sense…..if the mother is shameful, the adopted child could quite likely feel the inheritance of that shame. Sealing birth records perpetuates it.


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