I’ve struggled with making this printable. I think if you click on the image and save it to your computer, you’ll be able to print it. I ask that you don’t alter it or make your own version. This zine is my original work.

Instructions for folding the zine :

Fold the long way. Unfold. Then fold the short way. Unfold. Now fold the ends to the center line, the short way. The folds should be as exact as you can manage. You should now have 8 equal sections–8 rectangles.

Unfold and cut a straight line the long way between the four center panels–in other words between the balloons and the torn heart and the question marks and the page that’s only text. Refold all your folds so they are sharp and exact.

Set the paper on its long-way edges, then push the cut center section in from the edges to form a diamond-shaped space. Then continue folding so the first page is “Every adoption begins with loss.” The last page is the about the author/adoption resources page. The folding takes a bit of finesse.

What should you do with this zine? Give it to everyone and anyone who minimizes the loss inherent in adoption.

–xo Denise