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“Birth Mother” is now available on



My memoir, “Birth Mother,” published last summer by Shebooks is now available on I’ve listened to the sample, and while it’s kind of strange for me to hear another voice reading my words, I like the reader’s voice a lot. She sounds, well….kinda like me.

There are other fabulous books by women from Shebooks on Audible too. Check them out.

The Wall

A poster similar to this hung on the wall of my social worker’s office.  Its message struck my 17-year-old self as profound.  I understood it to mean that I should live in the present, forget about the past and the baby I couldn’t keep.  Go forward. These ideas were routinely espoused by adoption professionals in the 1970s. Birthmothers were assured we’d forget the babies we gave away.  That the other children we’d have later would fill the emptiness.  For me, it was the opposite that occurred.