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An interesting article re adoption in Australia

“Forced adoptions have been a major issue in Australia. In 2013 their Prime Minister Julia Gillard offered a national apology to those affected by forced adoptions. The Australian Senate Enquiry Report found that babies of unmarried mothers were illegally taken by medical staff, social workers and religious persons, sometimes with the assistance of adoption agencies and other authorities, and adopted out to married couples.
Many of these adoptions occurred after the mothers were sent away by their families due to the social stigma associated with being pregnant and unmarried.
It was found that some women were drugged, others restrained, some forced to sign, signatures faked, no informed consent and few (if any) chose to give their children away.
This went on up to the 1970s. It is recognised that this has resulted in major issues for generations of families and for Australian society. Many mothers have died early due to stress related illnesses or committed suicide. Many who have survived do so suffering complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

Read the rest of the piece here.

I’ve often wondered about general life outcomes for birthmothers from the era of secrecy in the  U.S. I’ve picked up small pieces of information here and there as I researched my memoir, but found nothing extensive. Sometimes it seems that we’re still the girls who are supposed to disappear.

Women Deceived in Surrogacy Scam

THE ARTICLE on the front page of the Sunday Los Angeles Times left me stunned. Women lawyers operating a baby-selling ring. The surrogates were required to give birth in California. Apparently California is “one of the only” states where the adoptive parents can be listed on the baby’s birth certificate without actually going through an adoption. In other words, the adoption is completely secret. The biological un-relatedness of baby and parents kept below the radar. These adoptees won’t have the option of petitioning some court for their original birth certificates. They won’t even know that they’re adopted unless their parents choose to tell them.
The scheme was initiated in 2008. One of the ringleaders admitted that “she had carried and delivered at least half a dozen babies for the business.” Since “parents” paid $100,000 to $150,000 to call one of these infants their own, the big-boss-baby-carrier made herself a tidy sum on her own efforts alone. These women should go to prison. But maybe there’s some way for them to use their legal acumen and pay their debts to society for this outrage while under modified house arrest.
Battered women’s shelters, orphanages, the guardian ad litem program, and other causes could use their services. Their assets ought to be seized and given to the Open Records movements.

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