Adoptive Parents, Read This

You might be sitting at the top of the triangle

Dear Adoptive Parents,

When I think about how the past 18 years of reunion have gone with my son and the hows and whys of all of it, I can’t help but think about his parents (his adoptive parents.) Especially his mother. She had lost a child herself, and I think because of this experience, was able to understand what I had lost. In our correspondence through letters and in person, in all these years she has never once been negative toward me, any aspect of the reunion process, or post-reunion life. The last two years, we’ve been at the same Thanksgiving table.

If there are any adoptive parents who stumble onto this blog, I encourage you to imagine yourself sitting at the top of the triangle. Imagine your arms and hands stretching downward. See the strength in connecting all of us.

2 thoughts on “Adoptive Parents, Read This

  1. Lorraine Dusky

    That is so cool about Thanksgiving…
    more adoptive parents need to be like that. I had a decent relationship with my daughter’s parents, but the mother was always critical–the attitude was: I am a better person than you are. She actually wrote to me twice: We have different values. Meaning: We approve of lying, sin, drunkenness and general wantonness and any other vice you can think of. I ended up not liking people who retain that Midwestern moral superiority attitude–and I’m from the Midwest.

    lorraine from

  2. Anonymous

    What an amazing honour you are portraying for AP’s – I’ve never thought of the triad that way, but it makes me want to try harder.

    Thank you.


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